Sunday, September 9, 2012

Away from the Spotlight by Tamara Carlisle - Meet Will

I am Tamara Carlisle, author of Away from the Spotlight, available in e-book format at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I am very excited to join you all today at the Goddess Fish Party Pavilion.

I'd like to introduce you to my characters and my story. I started with the premise of the life of a very famous young actor. How would he date? How would he ever know whether someone really wanted him as opposed to the perks and publicity of being associated with him? He would have to date someone who knew him before he was famous or someone who didn't know who he was. Enter law student Shannon Sutherland.  As a law school graduate, I speak from personal experience: I had little free time and the last thing I wanted to spend it on was reading (in light of the vast amount of reading required for school) or any other sedentary activity such as watching television or movies so I wasn't very knowledgeable about the celebrity culture at the time. In my case, I blew off steam by going to bars, pubs and concerts with my friends - and so was the case with Shannon.

At a pub one night, Shannon Sutherland met Will MacKenzie:

     I had barely stepped away from the bar to pass the end of the high table when I thought I heard someone say, “She’s behind you.” At that moment, a middle-aged man in front of me pushed past me to get to an opening at the end of the bar and a guy to my right turned toward me and backed into my right arm. As a result, the pint in my right hand tilted toward me and poured over my wrist and my hand. Thankfully, my sleeves were pulled up so it didn’t soak my sweater and I had not gotten wet on my skirt or my legs. Before I knew it, though, the pints were taken from my hands and the guy who backed into me had grabbed napkins from the high table and was dabbing my right wrist and hand.
     “I am so sorry,” said the guy who was still dabbing at my wrist and hand in a beautiful London accent.
     I looked up and I cannot imagine that I didn’t blush. He was around my age, give or take a few years, and was very nice looking in an unusual, but very handsome way. He had highlighted dark brown hair that was not long, but thick and layered, spiking somewhat on the top and at the sides. He was probably a little over six-feet-tall with broad shoulders for his fairly narrow frame and what I imagined was a sculpted body underneath his shirt. He had chiseled facial features, perfect teeth, piercing green eyes with bushy, but not out-of-control, eyebrows as well as long lashes. Wisps of brown chest hair peeked out where his silvery-grey shirt was unbuttoned at the top.
     I had always described my type as tall, dark and Irish-looking and, although he was English rather than Irish, he was what I considered beautiful in a man.
     "I didn’t get you did I?” I said with my very American accent.
     “No, not at all,” he replied. He grabbed my sticky hand and asked, “Will you marry me?” and then winked at me.

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